Donations to the CVDP will be deployed for these purposes:

  • Patient assistance. We can overcome financial and logistical barriers that too often prevent patients from being able to participate in cutting-edge clinical immunotherapy trials.

  • Scientific collaboration. No one scientist has all the answers. Attendance at scientific conferences and collaboration among experts is essential in advancing immunotherapy.

  • Center of Excellence. Help promising scientists find cures for cancer by creating a Center of Excellence for Cancer Vaccines in San Antonio, Texas.

About the Metis Foundation

The CVDP is a program of the Metis Foundation, Inc. Metis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization formed to advance clinically relevant medical research developed in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense. Metis provides scientific, educational, financial, and project management support for federal and military medical research programs. It is the mission of Metis to translate medical research into cures for patients.


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