US Army Colonel (retired) George Peoples, MD, FACS, a surgical oncologist by training, created the CVDP in 2000 to find a better way to treat cancer patients. The CVDP has been a pioneer in the development of cancer vaccines. Under Dr. Peoples’ direction, the CVDP blossomed into an incredible research network and program within the Department of Defense.

The CVDP has achieved phenomenal advances in cancer immunotherapy. To date, the CVDP has completed over 12 cancer vaccine clinical trials, enrolled thousands of cancer patients, and performed thousands of cancer vaccine inoculations. The CVDP’s legacy in this field is astronomical. But much work remains to be done to eradicate the cancer, The Emperor of All Maladies. To make the promise of immunotherapy a reality, the CVDP requires resources and your support.

With Dr. Peoples’ retirement from the military, the CVDP has been reconstituted within the Metis Foundation, Inc., a San Antonio 501(c)(3), non-profit charitable foundation. The Metis Foundation supports and advances clinically relevant medical research, especially in collaboration with the Department of Defense community.